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Honda VFR 400 części NC30?

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Witam wszystkich. Mam Honda VFR 400 NC30 (1991), i mam problem z lewym rozdzielni … To musi być zastąpiony. Nie mogę znaleźć ÜBERALL.Ich nie jestem gotowy „bodge” jest to, że po prostu potrzebują kogoś Teil.Weiß, od każdego, kto ma jedną na sprzedaż? Musi on na tym rowerze, nie NC24 VFR 400 NC30 lub cokolwiek sein.HONDA LINKI SWITCHGEAR 1991.Danke wszystkim przez Marka Ebay Odpowiedz RedMax stop zbiornika n siedzenia, Tracker celne bary.

Motorcycle starter buzzing?

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Two days ago I left my key in the on position on my motorcycle. When I returned the motorcycle battery was drained. When I turned the key on the lights did not come on. I bought a manual motorcycle charger and I am supposed to charge it for 10 hours according to the battery (Yuasa YTX12 BS) 12v battery. I only charged for about 5 to 6 hours and put the battery in the bike. When I turned the key on all the light came on perfectly but when I hit the start button I heard a buzzing sound under Read More

Should I get a Skyjet motorcycle?

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I’m looking at getting a skyjet, all the reviews say to stay away. I won’t have it for longer that 6/7 months due to circumstances, would it be worth getting for this length of time? Or should I just get a YBR or a CBR or something? Answer by Timbo is hereStay well clear of anything built in China – even a well used japanese bike will be better all round than a Skyjet

motorcycle lessons, where do i start?

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I want my motorcycle license and I’ve looked into a few websites however I pretty much have no idea what to look for during the training. I know the CBT is compulsory but on average how many lessons will I need, do I need to pass a theory test and on average how much should a lesson cost? If anyone has any idea I would really appreciate it. Ps. It would really help if you could suggest a motorcycle school in newcastle upon tyne Answer by Julius CYou need to check into a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course in your state. Read More

question about motorcycle seizures?

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I heard about this process when you buy a police seized bike for about £50 – £100 and you have to cut the front suspension off and send it off to say its been scrapped. Then you need a new frame and new reg, does this process have a name? and is it legal? and finally how can i find local police auctions? as a lot of sites require registration Answer by Donald TNot at all,the only reason you would need to do this is if it was stolen and then classified as a theft recovery meaning the title is Read More

(UK) Do I need a motorcycle provisional license?

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….If I already have a driving provisional license? I’m thinking of starting my CBT test soon. Answer by Timbo is hereYes but you already have one for up to 125cc to learn on included and incidentally you already have a full moped (up to 50cc licence) A racer with varied history. Buit with genuine parts from the Husqvarna factory. Sture Haldin renovated it into this condition and he also raced it in the beginning of the 1990s. Country: Sweden Motor: 1-cyl Valves: Overhead valve Capacity: 250cc Power: Unknown

do you have to own a motorcycle to take the test in the UK?

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in order to have motorcycle lessons and take the test do you already have to own a motorcycle or can you rent or borrow one? Answer by DV-AntNo you can rent,for lessons and tests. The Triton was a modified Café racer motorcycle of the 1960s-1970s. The name derives from a contraction of Triumph and Norton; the two brands of motorcycle combined. The intention was to combine the best elements of each to give a superior bike to either. The usual practice was to take the Triumph parallel twin engine and use it to replace the engine on a Norton Featherbed Read More

Does engine braking damage motorcycle chains?

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I have a Hayabusa 1300 with extended swing-arm. I only recently took the slack off it (maybe 3/4 weeks ago, i do about 200 miles a week) and it needs tightening again already. Is this normal? I have been engine breaking a lot more than normal recently so wonder if this is the reason. Or is the chain just old. There’s hardly any room left on the swing-arm to move the wheel back. I’ve had it for 10000 miles and it looked new when i bought the bike. Any help would be great, Cheers Answer by J GIf your idea Read More