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What are some good safe first cars?

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I’m 17 and I want to buy a car but I want a good car which is safe not too big. I was thinking of a volkswagen beetle are they safe? Any recommendations Answer by Squint EastwoodMost modern cars are safe these days. The safety of modern cars is determined by the fleshy part that sits behind the steering wheel. Mustangs Plus, Stockton, CA.

Mitsubishi pinnin part enquiry?

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I have a pinnin and asking if any one knows if the 2 rubber seals on the radiator cap are available as a spare part? Answer by olliewobblesprob not-however a new cap only costs a couple of quid from any car parts shop I’m still experimenting with HDR technology, and using the evaluation version of Photomatix, I created this image using a 9 exposure blend of shots 1 stop apart using the bracketing mode and a cable release. Created the HDR in Photomatix, then did the Tone Mapping, brought it into CS2 and blended it with Soft Light at about Read More

bushes on a car?

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what do bushes on a swinning arm do on a car and are they expensive to replace do they effect the car badly when they need replaced? its a bmw 318 Answer by NomaddThey go between moving metal parts. When they go bad they rattle and make everything loose and sloppy. Some are hard to replace and some are easy. It depends on the car.

Honda Parts?

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Anyone know a good website that has a good selection of Honda genuine parts that would deliver to ireland apart from ebay thanks.. Answer by dear which Honda parts you are looking for Car ,Gen set, motor bike?

Are the 2000 and 2003 ford focus wagon parts interchangeable?

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I need the left quarter panel and rear bumper replaced of my 2000 ford focus wagon. My friend found a 2003 ford focus wagon. Are the parts interchangeable? Answer by DR + Mrs Bears faceHi with ford cars the parts are not interchangeable as they change year on year. aka hardtop convertible. It has a retractable hard top. Dory Development Corporation of Salem, New York made these limited-production hardtops for Mustang and Corvair convertibles, about 200 of them, and 3 are known to still exist. I’m not sure if this is one of the original 3.

What,s the difference between a part car service and a full one?

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and if i have just had my MOT and my car is showing on the dial that it is due a service in 30days should i still get it done? Answer by webzexusually they only repair one half of your car lol joking Pasting from the Copley Motorcars website: • • • • • 1964, Austin Healey 3000 MkIII BJ8 Exterior color Colorado Red Interior color black Mileage 70,900 Price ,800.00 The first of the MkIII „big” Healeys, 150hp 2.9 litre in-line 6 cylinder engine, 4 speed manual transmission, electronic over drive, wire wheels, original steering wheel, roll up windows, Read More

Buying a new (secondhand) car with a part exchange – no deposit?

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I might be dreaming but I thought I’d heard its possible to part exchange your car and (in some places) pay for the rest with no deposit and 0% interest? Has anyone seen anything like this and what’s the catch? I’m sure the interest rate skyrockets after a certain amount of time. Thanks Answer by Saliyes nowadays you can find deals as the acr business is very bad, search google for car deals. Vintage Car displaying as part of a pagent at the Biggin Hill Air Fair on 07/06/2008